Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Website Is Up!

My son Justin has been pulling double duty as guitarist extraordinaire and website designer. The website is now up and running with a couple of soundclips. Check out:

Only a few things are working at the moment (Home, Bio, Blog, and Audio/Visual - which is where you can hear the samples)

Vampyre has been completed and mixed and once again Justin's powerful guitar leads are the highlight. You can hear a snippet of it on the sample, along with an excerpt of his gorgeous Blue Rain leads.

We're in the middle of recording the untitled track at the moment and if the past is any indication, I'll probably have the whole song finished sans vocals before I write the lyrics. This one's turning out very Floydish-Camelish-Moodyish-Crimsonish. In other words, very "Dave."

David Minasian