Sunday, November 10, 2019

David Heads to Florida to Film Justin Hayward Once Again

Today, Trinity Houston and I found ourselves in Melbourne, FL filming Justin Hayward in concert on the final night of his Nights tour. We enlisted the crew of Christian Cashmir's Lightwave Media in Tampa to help out. It was a reunion of sorts as Lightwave Media had assisted me in the production of Justin's Live In Concert at the Capitol Theatre and The Story Behind Nights In White Satin DVD's back in 2014. This was the second Hayward concert we had filmed in less than a month; the previous one having taken place on October 18 at the famed Concert Hall in New York City. Tonight's show went off without a hitch, with Mike Dawes, Julie Ragins and Karmen Gould all playing magically. The question is, which show will make it to DVD... NY or FL? My money's on FL.

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