Monday, November 9, 2009

Album Progress Update

Hi all:
I thought I would bring those of you who are interested up to date on the progress of the new album. I wrote the final song for the album this last weekend and I think it's going to be a good one. Subject to any last minute changes, here's how things are shaping up...

Track 1: Masquerade. I have yet to receive all the files from Andy Latimer who continues to record parts for this song. Initially clocking in at around 7 minutes, the final version could very well swell past 13 minutes depending on how things end up being put together. Andy's contributions to this track so far are truly goosebump inducing.

Track 2: Chambermaid. An epic 9 minute track with an accesible melody, lush 12 string guitars, pianos, mellotrons, etc. and a long instrumental section that should please most Genesis fans. My son Justin has added a couple of excellent Steve Hackett/Justin Hayward style guitar solos and there's a nice moog solo ala Pete Bardens or a subdued Rick Wakeman from me. Lyrically it's a bit strange - a Tony Banks story song of sorts with a touch of Ian Anderson cleverness. Hopefully you'll find it all somewhat interesting. This one is completely finished, except for the mixing.

Track 3: Panic Attack. A 5 minute instrumental piece featuring cellos, harpsichords, flutes, and mellotrons which takes a sudden left turn about 2 minutes in, and that's where the electric guitars, synths, bass and drums begin to battle it out. Another left turn results in a Renaissance-like passage before an explosive ending. We only need a few guitar overdubs (probably this week) and this one's ready to go.

Track 4: Blue Rain. A lovely 8 minute piano and harpsichord based ballad. Only the basic tracks have been recorded so far. I'm hoping to get a very famous guest vocalist in for this one. It probably won't happen, but you never know.

Track 5: I Thought She Was a Sandwich. An epic 10 minute prog instrumental written back in 1978 and never recorded. It's been sitting in the back of my head all this time - boy am I glad to get rid of it! I'm not sure about the title for this one yet (Can you guess where I got it from? Here's a hint - it's a line from a famous music-oriented movie made during the mid 60's). Only the basic tracks have been recorded - this one needs a lot of work.

Track 6: Untitled. This is the newest song written only a few days ago which replaces one I wasn't too keen about. I still have the lyrics to write. Fans of the Moody Blues' core 7 albums or Kayak's lush ballads (Phantom of the Night, Frozen Flame) should be happy with this one. Maybe it's a bit too similar to Blue Rain, but who cares... I like it.

Track 7: Room With Dark Corners. A short catchy uptempo track in 3/4 and the only song on the album which even remotely has a chance as a single. The classical arrangement will probably keep that from happening though - which should make all you proggers happy.

Track 8: Vampyre. This third and final instrumental piece is a haunting classically based song of mine from 1979 and was originally featured in a much shorter version on my first album. All the usual pianos, harpsichords, mellotrons, flutes, and lead guitars are here in abundance.

And there you have it. Still got a lot left to do. I hope to keep you all updated with the recording process in the days ahead.


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