Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Well, you are all in for a treat. I didn't think my son Justin could possibly surpass the guitar parts he'd already recorded for Chambermaid or Panic Attack. But his leads on Blue Rain simply blew me away with their intense beauty and emotion. Wow, who taught this guy how to play? Actually, as much as I would like to take credit for it, I can't - he's self taught. Nevertheless, between Justin's and Andy Latimer's contributions, lovers of emotional guitar leads are going to have a field day with this album.

I decided to get some feedback on our latest completed track and sent it halfway around the world to a good friend of mine in Scotland also named Dave. Dave owns millions of CD's (well... it seems that way) and knows just about everything there is to know about music (well... it seems that way). And I trust his opinion (well... oh, nevermind). Here's his reaction to Blue Rain which he posted on the Genesis forum last night...

"Well guys and gals, I have just had the pleasure of listening to a track from Dave Minasian's forthcoming album. The song is called Blue Rain and it's 7 and a half minutes of class. The song begins with a solo piano and then haunting oboes are introduced over a backdrop of lush synths very reminicent of Camel at their most symphonic. Then we enter into Moody Blues/Barclay James Harvest territory with John Lodge style hushed vocals over those gorgeous oboes. The track also reminds me somewhat of the Paul Cusick track Fade Away in the same symphonic style. Things pick up with drums and bass coming in during the next verse and there is no doubt the influence on this track from the aforementioned bands. Just when you think you have heard it all, in comes a lovely harpsichord which reminds me of Denis Quinn's excellent Open Secret and then a superb guitar solo that John Lees or Justin Hayward would be proud of. The piano comes in again and a final chorus and guitar reprise brings this superb song to a close.

If this is a taster of things to come then I cannot wait. I have heard some of David's older material but this is a big step up to my ears. I cannot thank him enough for allowing me to hear this song. All I can say is that this is shaping up to be something special if this song is an example of what is going on the album."

Thanks Dave from Scotland, we'll continue to do our best.

David Minasian

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