Monday, December 7, 2009

Early Reviews Are In

I sent the first three tracks from the album to a producer friend of mine a few days ago and got this unsolicited and unexpected response:

"first off, i need to tell you that your work is really great - beautiful stuff you've done here. all the tracks you sent me are very strong.

masquerade - very beautiful orchestral textures, the mellotron is great, vibey vocals, this almost has a sorta kinda pink floyd vibe which i love - also cool melodies and counter melodies, harpsichord is awesome.

chambermaid - also very cool stuff, ethereal, haunting, beautiful, great arpeggio runs, great lead guitar, cool.

panic attack - all great. love the ye olde fairy tale beauty then big rock! this almost has a trace of a vibe like the band muse would do. very cool.

dynamic, visual, regal, delicate, rude, and ultra musical. it's the kind of music that you don't just listen to, but you actually step inside it and experience it."

Whew! Considering that this gentleman has worked with everyone from Rod Stewart to Shania Twain to Motley Crue, this is very encouraging indeed.

Regarding album progress, Blue Rain is nearly in the can. In addition to the previously recorded piano and harpischord, we were able to add mellotron (strings and choir), cello, 12 string guitars, oboe, bass, drums, and vocals this past week. All that remains now is the lead guitar scheduled to be recorded later today. After we've done a couple of mixes (one with vocals and one without), we will forward them to our potential guest vocalist who will decide whether or not to participate. If not, well, I'm afraid then you're stuck with me singing lead... oh, the humanity!


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  1. David-

    This is a name from your distant past; it's Fred Garth. Remember me? I went to Village with Jeff and Melanie Burton and Guy, and I used to help you guys with the band (Influence). I was surfing through some of James' stuff online, thought of you and found the blog. If you want to reply, email me at Hope all's well.