Friday, July 30, 2010

#8? Really??

Hi all:
Since the completion of the album, things have been happening at lightening speed around here. Downloads are now available from, and listings for the Random Acts of Beauty CD have started popping up all over the place, such as on Amazon and Prog Archives. Speaking of Prog Archives, one surprise was to find myself today at the #8 position on the website's most popular artist list. What?? The album is still a week away from being shipped! Some of you may know that is the biggest of all the progressive rock websites on the net. It lists thousands of progressive bands from all over the world and ranks the 40 most popular bands each day. In front of me were Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, and Rush - obviously. But I found myself ahead of acts such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Steve Hackett, Renaissance, The Flower Kings, Kansas, and even Camel. What's going on?? Has everyone simply gone mad???

Happy, yet confused;

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  1. I guess you have a brillian album and it shuold be among such mentioned giants! At least it's the best prog albums for 10-15 years! I wish you great success and good sales!
    (I will buy the downoad!)