Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CD's Have Arrived

For the musician, there's nothing more satisfying than holding a copy of your own hot-off-the-press CD in your hands for the very first time. For me the release of Random Acts of Beauty on CD today represents the culmination of an incredible journey that started with Masquerade a little over a year ago. Although I've already heard the songs a zillion times, I played the album all the way through as soon as it arrived. I must say, Chris Brown out of Nashville did a tremendous job of mastering the CD - this is the best it's sounded to date.

For those of you who ordered the CD through ProgRock Records, your copies will begin shipping out right away. Justin and I sat down and signed copies for the first 100 of you who ordered the album through ProgRock.

Earlier in the week, I did an interview with Don Cassidy of Delicious Agony Radio out of New York which should post to their website shortly. Check davidminasian.com for all the latest details. The ARfm UK radio show Rock On hosted by Shane Carlson last week featured the world broadcast premier of four tracks from Random Acts of Beauty. And according to Shane, the show was very well received. Reviews of the album are beginning to pour in from around the world and so far have been mostly positive. For example, take a look at the review posted by Dr. Nick on the Amazon.com UK website.

Incidentally at this very moment, the album is amazingly at the number one and number two position on Mindawn.com - the sister company of ProgRock where you can get downloads. How can one album hold two positions you ask? Well, Mindawn is currently offering two versions of the album - the regular version, and a high quality 'flac' version. In addition, four individual tracks are currently in the top 10 - Masquerade at #1, Frozen In Time at #4, Blue Rain at #7, and Storming The Castle at #10. What can I say except thank you!!

I truly hope you all enjoy the album. I'd like to hear from you after you've had a chance to listen to it.



  1. Hi,
    just received my signed copy from Prog rock. What a beautiful album.
    It's been in the car for three days, awesome.
    Congratulations to you and Justin

  2. Hi David and Justin!
    Just returned from vacation and 1st thing I did was unpacking the CD that was on my doormat, signed and all. Thanks.

    It is really a beauty!